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Having a healthy immune system is essential as it will prevent you from a wide range of illnesses and health problems. As difficult as it may seem it is relatively easy to boost your immune system to make it even more effective at warding off illnesses. If you include the follow top 5 foods and/or drinks in your diet you can be sure that you will have a fantastic functioning immune system; which also means you will spend less time feeling ill.

Yogurt is an excellent food for boosting immune system functioning, however not just any type of yogurts boost your immune system. Yogurts that will help your immune system are the ones that contain probiotics or in simple terms ‘healthy bacteria’; always make sure that you look at the label to make sure it does contain probacteria. Probiotics help keep your gut and intestines free from germs that may cause illness or disease. 

Broccoli is one of the best vegetables that you can include in your diet. This is because it is packed with a collection of all types of vitamins and antioxidants that will help you build up a strong immune system. The best way to cook broccoli to maintain the most of its immune boosting power is to cook it as little as you can.

Strawberries immune boosting capabilities come from being jam packed with vitamin C, which is known for increasing the production of white blood cells. Having ½ a cup of strawberries a day is enough to satisfy the body of Vitamin C suggested by the majority of health organizations.

Green Tea
The ingredients that green tea contains which is thought to give it an immune boosting effect are, polyphenols which are plant antioxidants. Having a cup a day can really help your immune system in functioning. The best way to maximize its immune boosting effects is only to add water that is just below boiling and to only keep the tea bag in for a maximum of two minutes. A rule of thumb is never to add milk as the proteins from the milk bind to the polyphenols destroying the teas immune boosting capabilities.

It is the beta-glucan within oats that will help boost your immune system. Beta-glucan activates immune cells in your body that will fight off harmful micro-organisms. The best types of oats to use are steel cut or rolled oats, it it best to stay away from the instant sugary kinds of oats.

Protein Shakes
But not just any kind of protein shakes. There are protein powders available on the market that have been specially designed to boost your immune system. These protein powders contain ingredients that have been proven to increase the effectiveness of your immune system. The other benefit to these drinks is that they contain a high amount of protein which is essential for growth and repair. This means that your immune system will be able to build immune cells quickly.

So there you go, the five most important supplements that you can take to boost your immune system. Keep in mind that any supplementary food or drink that you consume is just what it is – supplementary. So make sure that you eat healthy and mix up your vegetables and fruits, so you make sure that your diet doesn't lack any valuable vitamins and other minerals.