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This Season will be the harshest season when it comes to allergies. Those who have never had it are now suffering from it, and those who have already had it are now getting it worse. Symptoms can be an itchy throat, watery eyes, and then some. Below are a few tips to look fresh and flawless no matter how bad allergy season may be.

Deflate Puffy Eyes

Allergies can often cause water retention, which results in puffy eyes. To combat the bags and  fluid buildup, try to pat the area with your ring finger for about a minute per eye to stimulate circulation and tone down puffiness in the morning. You can also help control puffiness by sleeping in a slightly elevated position, avoiding salt and alcohol, doing regular cardio to sweat out excess water, and/or placing tea bags or cucumbers on the orbital bone of the eye. 

Send Allergens Down the Drain

Irritating allergens like pollen can settle on your hair and skin, causing your symptoms to flare. Showering before bed will rinse the irritants away and prevent them from coating your pillow.
If you wash your hair daily, switch to a gentle shampoo, that's free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, and other additives that can irritate or dry out your scalp when shampooing frequently. 

Hydrate Dry Eyes

Many people pop antihistamines to relieve sneezing and itchiness, but it can block the muscarinic receptors that keep eyes moist. Preservative-free drops can help. If you wear contacts, consider switching to disposable lenses; it can help keep eyes comfortable. Since you toss them; and the allergens accumulate, every night.

Brighten Up Dark Circles

If your allergies are keeping you up at night (as it is with many), your skin can become dull and pale; this can be especially noticeable in the transparent skin under the eyes. Vitamins D and K are known to heal blood vessels and improve under-eye darkness; caffeine increases circulation to brighten the under-eye area.

Relieve Your Red Nose

Constant nose blowing can turn skin red, raw, and flaky. You can target the area with a treatment, that contains humectants, essential oils, and peptides to control flaking and sensitivity.