On 11:01 AM by NY Drs. Urgent Care
Summer may not be the first season you think of when it comes to being under the weather, but the warm months can lead to infections, viruses, and heat-influenced disease. To continue the New York Doctors Urgent Care series of Common Summer Ailments here is another: E-Coli.

Source: Bacteria found in sewage-contaminated lakes and other water
Symptoms: Sudden, severe and bloody diarrhea. Also, fever, gas, loss of appetite, and stomach cramping. Symptoms develop 24 to 72 hours after infection.
Treatment: None. Sickness disappears in a few days.
Most cases of these illnesses are fairly mild, but some can lead to serious complications -- and very rarely, death. Being aware of the causes and signs can help you protect you, your kids, and others -- and ensure your summer fun.