On 7:52 AM by NY Drs. Urgent Care

Articles have been surfacing on the web for the past few weeks regarding a controversial mandatory ultrasound bill in Idaho, which would require women to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion. This bill did not include exceptions for rape, incest or pregnancy complications. If the woman who is seeking an abortion is not far enough along in her pregnancy to determine the fetus' age through a regular ultrasound, the doctor would be required to perform a vaginal ultrasound procedure in order to fulfill the requirements of the informed consent law. These women are coerced into getting mandatory ultrasounds that will in turn, sometimes change their decision of an initial abortion. This is only because areas where Idaho provided a list of free ultrasound clinics were all Christian based and anti-abortion.

Many people reading about this bill are wondering, who is to tell the female population of Idaho whether they can or can’t have an abortion? Abortions are an action that when women go through with it, are never 100% sure whether or not they’d like to get one. Certain circumstances convince/become factors why they NEED to have an abortion. It can be age, health, money, and/or deformity, to name a few; they’re many reasons as to why an abortion may be happening. By making ultrasounds mandatory for women, it’ll bring up more emotions they thought have already surpassed. It’ll also give women the sad reality that there is a life being born within their womb making it heartbreaking for women to go through with such actions. Many people, including those working at the doctor’s offices performing such abortions were unsure of its procedure, which became the main issue of the bill.

At the end of March, GOP lawmakers decided to pull the controversial bill from the Idaho House of Representatives over what they called "misconceptions" about the legislation; with plans to bring it back next year. What are your thoughts regarding this bill?