On 8:09 AM by NY Drs. Urgent Care
As stated before, New York Doctors Walk-In Urgent Care accepts most insurances including those who may not have insurance at a low price. But as important as insurance is to have, the majority of the population in The United States do not have their own insurance. Insurance is the best defensive measure for financial stability and in some situations insurance is the only means to protect your health. Our health of course comes in first place, so health insurance is definitely a must in our lives. Health insurance is meant to cover any unexpected and expensive medical services that we might need. You can even make a life insurance policy, which will pay a significant amount of money to your family after you are gone, so you can be sure for their well-being even if you are not there to help them. When you make a contract with an insurance company, this contract is called an insurance policy—we transfer the risk of financial losses to the insurance company, and in exchange we must pay a regular monthly payment during the timeline of the policy. Depending on the insurance policy, the company may cover all of the losses or a part of them. Because of the monthly payment, people with minimum wage and people relying on checks every month (social security disability, etc.) are unable to pay the monthly sum; making it unable for them to own insurance. This has become a growing problem for many, being that they’re unable to get the necessary care, because of the insurance they don’t have.

Having health insurance is important for several reasons. Uninsured people receive less medical care and less timely care, they have worse health outcomes, and lack of insurance is a burden for them and their families. The benefits of expanding coverage outweigh the costs for added services. The government has been a major supporter when it comes to health insurance and health care for those who may not have it. President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act; it’s a law that puts in place full health insurance reforms that will roll out over four years and beyond, with most changes taking place by 2014. This law allows 50% discount for name-brand drugs in the Medicare, expanded coverage for young adults, and small business tax credits, to name a few. Recently, the bill has made its way to the Supreme Court where others want to make it mandatory for everyone to own health care by the year 2013. The constitutionality portion of the law requires everyone to have insurance or pay a penalty (price wise, jail time) come tax time. This may make it unfair and unequal for those unable to afford it, giving automatic consequences for not being able to do so. What is the government to do?